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Premium Benefits

Simplify Your Moving Process Today! is a privately-owned-and-operated moving and change of address assistance service. If you do not want to use our services, you can go directly to the USPS official site. We're here to help you with all the ins and outs associated with the moving process, and eliminate some of the stress accompanying your moving checklist. Trust in to handle the legwork behind changing your mailing address. Our service costs $44.50, which reflects the $1.05 charge required by the USPS™ to file any official address change in the United States. In addition to the filing of your official address change, you will receive a slew of premium benefits, including:

Efficient USPS Change of Address Processing: Your new address change request will be processed within one business day, so your mail forwarding can begin as quickly as possible.

Address Change eBook: Our inclusive Address Change eBook contains invaluable information to assist with your move, including a helpful checklist.

Bundle of Notification Letters: After you change your address, a number of important institutions and agencies should be notified. Our pre-authored letters list exactly who to inform, and how to do it.

Free Return Address Labels: Our custom mailing labels will make it easier to send your first correspondence while getting settled.

$25 Dining Dollars Gift Certificate: Enjoy the first meal in your neighborhood on us! Get to know the eatery options in your new town.

Customer Support: Customer satisfaction is a top priority, which is why we have a team of service agents to handle your inquiries via both phone and email. Call 866-383-8498 to contact us by phone from 9am-9pm EST Monday through Friday, or by email at: Outside of normal business hours, we offer email support only.

PCI Level I Compliance: Trust in our secure application process for 100 percent credit card safety.